Maintain your Sewing Machine

Perhaps it’s something you’ve never thought about before: cleaning and maintaining your sewing machine. However, it’s something that needs to be done quite regularly. Some even suggest cleaning it after every 10 hours of use or after a big sewing project. These are some suggestions about how to maintain your sewing machine and keep it clean in order to retain its good working order and enjoy using it frequently.

General Maintenance

  1. Keep it stored in a place that doesn’t gather very much dust. Your sewing machine has a lot of nooks and crannies in which the dust can accumulate. If it gets too dusty it becomes slow and harder to maintain. Keeping it dust-free will help to ensure it’s long life.
  2. Put a cover on it. Most sewing machines come with a cover when you buy them. However, if yours didn’t or if you’ve lost yours, it would be a good investment to get one. Consider it an idea for your next sewing project. Keeping a cover on it will also help to keep the dust out and keep it clean. If you don’t want to make one, you can just use some old fabric or a sheet to cover it up.
  3. Don’t eat near your sewing machine. This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s a simple, easy thing to do to maintain the condition of the machine. You might think you’re not a messy eater so it won’t matter, but accident happen. You wouldn’t want to have to clean off something sticky or go hunting for crumbs in the middle of your project. You’ll use your hands a lot during sewing, so keep your hands clean.

Cleaning Tips

  1. One very important thing to do is check the needle after each and every project. If it is bent, dull, or broken, you’ll definitely need to replace it. If you don’t change needles frequently, it can affect the way your stitches come out, ruin your fabric, or damage your machine. Before each project, make sure you have the correct thickness of needle for the type of fabric that you will be using.
  2. Use a lint brush to clean the small parts of the machine near the bobbin area. If you don’t have a lint brush, you can use canned air, a cloth, or a very small vacuum attachment. However, most machines come with a lint brush, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Take off the needle and remove the presser foot, needle plate, and bobbin case. Go through each area and brush out the lint and dust inside. You’ll be surprised how much gunk you’ll find there. Some people also choose to oil the inside of the sewing machine pieces.
  3. Get a clean cloth and wipe down the outside of the machine to remove any dust or marks.

Professional Servicing

Despite how much time you spend maintaining and cleaning your sewing machine, we also recommended getting an annual tune-up by a professional. Our technicians are experienced and can easily inspect the parts of your machine that are often neglected. They will give your sewing machine the service it needs to make sure it lasts a long time for you. We can also perform any repairs that might need to be done on your machine.

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