How to Sew Curtains: from one novice to another


If you know nothing about sewing and want to learn how to sew curtains,
I’ve put together this little guide to help. (Ok, you’ll need to know at least how to use a sewing machine or a needle and thread). I am no master sewer. Novice might even be a stretch. My idea of sewing is buying the fabric and waiting for my mother to come visit, to let her sew my projects. However, I needed curtains for this window:


How to Sew Curtains

Because it is a bay window, I needed custom sized pieces.  I found a white curtain panel on sale that was perfect for my little project and figured I could sew straight lines. So I dove in!!

First I Measured:

sewing project: window/wall measurements

As you can see, the home builder wasn’t a fan of symmetry.  I decided I didn’t want just flat curtain panels. I wanted it gathered, so when measuring out the fabric I doubled the width, plus I added an inch on each measuring the hemside for the hem.

Ex: One wall section measured four inches: I measured double that (8 in.), plus 2 inches (1 inch for each side) = 10 in.

Since this was already a curtain panel each side had a 1-inch hem. So two of my strips that should have been 10 inches were actually measured as 9 inches. If you refer to the picture with my window measurements I ended up with two 9-inch panels, two 10-inch panels, and two 8-inch panels.

Figuring all this out and what I wanted it to look like was really the hard part.

pinning the hemsThen Come the Pins

From there, I went to town pinning down my hems.  Remember one inch on each side. It really helps at this point to iron the edges to make a strong crease.

Now for the Sewing

When I said before that the hard part was the planning, I forgot to mention that I have a fear of sewing;

The needle going so fast, my hand so close to it
My mother harping on me, making me nervous, as she tried to teach me how to sew.

I don’t like it.  But I am trying to get over it, thus why I am sewing and not using Stitch Witchery (it’s seriously my best friend). After much resewing the curtain rod sleevefrustration I got my sewing machine set up and after that, it was a breeze.

I sewed my lines and took out the pins along the way.  One little hitch, though; because it was already a curtain panel, it already had a rod sleeve.  I just had to cut the stitches, sew my hem, and re-stitch the sleeve.

Voila! Done! I am still waiting for my husband to make me my specially designed rods. So, for now, I just pinned the panels on the wall. Now that you know how to sew curtains for beginners, I wish you luck and happy sewing.



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