Get to know your vacuum attachements

Maybe you just purchased a brand new, fancy Eureka vacuum. You don’t know anything about it except that it sucks debris off of the floor. Or maybe you’ve had your vacuum for years. Still, all you know about it is that is sucks stuff up. Like most people, you probably won’t take the time and worry about learning what each piece can do. You’ll just continue using your vacuum as is. However, learning about each attachment can have a huge impact on your regular cleaning routine.

What Does This Thing Do?

Despite only knowing that your vacuum cleans your floors, you may have observed that there are a lot of smaller attachment pieces that hang on the main vacuum compartment that houses all of the dust and dirt. You might think, “What is this?” and “What does this do?” It’s great to know that each of these attachment pieces serves a very particular and helpful purpose.

Mini Brush Head

The mini brush head has a wide neck with a small brush. It is perfect for vacuuming stairs and is safe to use on hard surfaces. It’s also great for picking up pet hair in tight spots, furniture or other hard-to-reach places where your main vacuum head can’t fit.

Upholstery Tool

A tool with a short next and wide mouth is the upholstery tool. It also has a small, flat head with a very powerful suction. Some have a line of short hard bristles, others might have felt like material with little hairs, like a lint brush, as shown in our guide. You might be able to guess the purpose of this tool based on its name. Its use is imperative for cleaning furniture and mattresses. Using this tool will help increase the life of your mattress and furniture and help keep you healthier. It gathers all of the dust from couches, chairs, and any other upholstered furniture pieces. It can be used to drive soap into fabrics to help get rid of stains and odors.

How to use vacuum attachments

Crevice Wand

One reason this tool is called a “wand” is because well, it looks like one.  It is a very long, narrow nozzle, usually without a brush. Some do have a retractable brush though. It can also work some magic in a tight spot. Its narrowness can fit under and around furniture, including under a stove or refrigerator, or in carpet corners. It is ideal for vacuuming baseboards and vents and for picking up smaller pieces that the vacuum itself can’t pick up. One other great use of the crevice wand is cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer. This will ensure that your dryer works properly and efficiently.

Ceiling Fan Tool

This rare tool does exactly what it’s title suggests-dusts the ceiling fan. It is designed to fit a fan blade in between it’s bristled edges. Most vacuums don’t come with one of these, so you might not have ever seen one before. It is long tube can look quite similar to the end of a hockey stick. You can also use it under large appliances because it will lie flat on the floor.

Dusting Head

The dusting head is a small circular brush head that has gentle bristles that won’t scratch surfaces. It is perfect for dusting any area that you normally couldn’t reach. Some places might include lampshades, shelves, A/C vents, fan shields,    and blinds. It is also great for wooden surfaces.

Get to Work

Knowing what each attachment included with your vacuum can do, you can develop a fun and productive cleaning routine for keeping your house dust and dirt free. When you first purchased your vacuum, you probably didn’t realize all of the tools that come with it. Perhaps you’ve been using your vacuum without the tools and attachments for years, not knowing what you were missing out on. Your vacuum can pick up dirt, hair, and dust from the floor, yes. But now you know that it can also pick up debris from the stairs. It can function as a duster by reaching distant places while not damaging any surfaces. Dusting blinds and vents with a rag can be tedious-let your vacuum help! Your vacuum can also help reduce stains and odors on furniture and mattresses. Don’t want to move your refrigerator to sweep the space underneath it? You don’t have to with the help of your vacuum attachments! Now you can use your vacuum to its full potential. Can anyone say spring cleaning?

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