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During the holidays, you are getting ready to go see family and that means you are packing a bag. That means that you need to be careful while packing because there are a lot of travelers. According to, “Santa isn’t the only one taking a road trip during this holiday travel season. A record 103 million Americans – an increase of 1.5 percent from 2015 – are expected to travel during the peak holiday season between Dec. 23 and Jan. 2, according to AAA.” According to the same article, “Most holiday travelers, about 93.6 million (by AAA estimates) will be making the trip by car, while another 6 million are expected to fly during the end-of-year holidays … about 3.5 million people are expected to travel by trains, buses and boats.”

According to “More Americans will travel to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year than ever before. Rising incomes and continued low gas prices should make for a joyous holiday travel season.” Use the vacuum seal bags in your bag to keep things compact. You can get Vacuum Seal bags and use your vacuum to seal them. You can also use these bags to save space and stop creasing, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Holiday Sleeping Arrangements

You can fill up an air mattress for the company you are expecting at your house. And when it is getting too crowded this holiday season, you can deflate them easily with a Vacuum. According to ””, “Before beginning, be sure to empty the vacuum of dust and debris, and run the vacuum outside for a few minutes to make sure it is entirely empty.”

Lost an Earring, Ornament Hook, etc?

Instead of trying to find a lost piece of jewelry and buttons for hours, you can find small things that get lost often with the help of your vacuum. Tie a cloth or sock over the nozzle or end the hose and then wave it around hard to reach, and hard to see places.

Trying to Clean up for the Holidays?

Have you gotten your vacuum cleaner out and the attachments were gone? If you have, you can substitute the wand and use an empty toilet paper roll to reach the narrow parts of some different objects in your home.

Make a Ponytail

Children love when their parents do their hair. You can put a child’s hair in a perfect ponytail with ease. When there is too much hair to put in one place, you can easily use a vacuum to put it up. After you put your hair up, you can put cute bows, ribbons and clips in it for the holidays.

Animal Grooming

When you have to clean up your animal’s hair up all the time, you get tired of it. When your animal wants to be petted, you don’t want to get all the hair on the floor so why not just use your vacuum in the first place? You can use the brush tip attachment for the hose to pet them and get rid of loose hairs at the same time.

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