sewing a christmas beanie

I hate last minute Christmas shopping don’t you? There are so many different offers, coupons, sales, and cyber blasts this time of year and the lines are insane. Luckily shopping for gifts doesn’t have to be stressful when you give the gift of homemade crafts. For us sewing lovers we love a good DIY gift and so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to sewing a Christmas favorite, the beanie. We chose fleece for its excellent warmth trapping abilities and durable material however, feel free to make your beanie out of whatever fabric you please.

1. Buy 1 Yard of Material

This can be purchased at any local craft store, personally we have always liked Jo-Ann and now you can purchase from them online. If you are going to go the fleece route choose one that is thick enough for the cold winter months, the gift receiver will be thanking you.

2. Measure Head Circumference

For most teens and adults their head size is between 21 and 23 inches around. Keep in mind that fleece can stretch if it is a little snug.

3. Cut Out Your Pattern

If you have your own pattern that you would like to use feel free if not, download and print out patterns from places like Lucky Kate Crafts. One word of caution, be sure to print your pattern at 100% for the true size and not fit to page.

4. Cut Your First Piece (long)

Make sure you cut more than enough fabric to make your beanie using these measurements: Cut your fabric into a rectangle measuring 23 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

5. Fold in Half

Fold in half across the width (sandwich style) and align the ends to make a long rectangle.

6. Place Your Pattern

Place and pin your pattern with sewing needles onto the top piece of your now folded fabric.

7. Cut Along the Pattern

Use your scissors to cut around the outline of your pattern. Repeat this on another folded piece of fabric, you should have 4 total pieces when finished. In order to cut straight make sure to hold your fabric down as you cut it.

8. Turn Your Fleece to Face Out

Make sure when you sew that it is on the side that will become the inside of the beanie, remember that the side of the fabric that curls towards you when stretched is the back.

9. Stack and Sew

Before beginning stack two pieces of your cut out fabric on top of one another and sew together along the curve (half). The good sides should be facing each other, follow that curve with your sewing machine to attach the pieces like a book. We recommend using the straight stitch. Make sure to repeat this on the other domed tips. When you are to the final side pin the sides together to sew the bottom of the beanie to the top of the last tip. All four pieces should be sewn, two sides together at this point.

10. Pin Your Two Domes Together

Your two book-like domes should be put together, pin them both at the top along the center seam. The seams should be facing the opposite way. Ddo this on all four so you end with two sets pinned together.

11. Sew Curved Edges Together

Sewing on the curve with attach all pieces of the fabric to make a small beanie. Sew on the edge of the dome using a straight stitch and two small beanies will be made.

12. Wrong Side Out

Measure 3 inches to make a folded hem at the bottom, keep it wrong side out.

13. Match Up the Seams

Put the seam of your hem with the seam of your hat and pin them. Now, wrap your additional piece of fabric around the beanie to the seam and pin it. As a reference point the good side needs to be placed on the hem.

14. Attach Hem

Sew up all the edges to attach the hem to the beanie itself. Don’t forget to also do this on the other beanie as well, remember you should have two at this point.

15. Matchup and Stuff

Put the two small beanies against the longest seem. Press seams together and stuff one hat inside the other.

16. Pin the Two

Pin the two stuffed beanies together and sea on the bottom edge, leave a 2 inch gap.

17. Pull Through

Now you should be able to pull your fabric through a small opening. If you are wondering why your beanie looks like a oval that’s okay!

18. Tuck and Fluff

Tuck one of your beanies into the other one and boom, you have a nice hat beanie. To prevent any fabric from fraying finish the edges by stitching them together once more, and enjoy!

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