The holidays can bring out some of the best arts and crafts of the entire year with vibrant colors and creative ensembles from all over the globe. If you have been itching to break out your sewing machine, needle and thread for the holidays you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of simple DIY sewing projects you can do right from the comfort of your home and showcase your skills for the entire family! These projects are simple but they can be cherished for years to come by you and your loved ones.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Custom sewed ornaments are a great way to distinguish your family Christmas tree with arguably more options and designs out there than any other item on our list.

Candy Cane ornament Sewing ProjectFresh Mint Candy Cane Ornaments

What is more cute than little miniature candy cane ornaments, right? Sewing ornaments is also an excellent project for any beginner, so If this is your first time sewing Christmas tree ornaments give this a try. The particular design we picked comes from All free sewing and can be made in under an hour, very easily with your sewing machine.

Sewing Project - Wool Mitten OrnatmantWool Mittens

If you are wanting to sew Christmas ornaments and give them away as gifts we found a perfectly adorable option for you to try. The wool sweater mittens by confessions of a serial DIYer are fantastic and fairly straightforward to make. My nieces loved the pair we sewed for them.  

sewing project Ribbon Christmas TreeChristmas Ribbon Trees

This is our personal favorite Christmas tree ornament design because of the vibrant look it gives the tree. It is also very simple to make. So easy that if you don’t want to use your sewing machine you don’t have to. There are a few different DIY blogs that can show you how to do this. Check out the details from sewwoodsy to see the exact design we tried.

Dining Room Accessories

Cookie Crumb Catcher DIY Sewing projectCookie Crumb Catcher  

This is one of the most genius sewing inventions If you like to bake during the holidays or will have a smorgasbord of treats for you and your guests to munch on. The crafty quilter’s design is a simple, miniature quilt that you place underneath cookie plates and other treat platters. They look great and help keep the inevitable messes contained.

Holiday Oven Mitts

Oven Mitt DIY craft and sewing projectDo you love to bake delicious goodies or know someone who does? Oven mitts are obviously very useful to anyone using a hot oven. Now you can add some holiday cheer to them. There are many tutorials online but we loved Craft Passion’s unique quilted oven mitt tutorial the most. Give it a try. Remember to purchase thick materials and sew several layers. Thin oven mitts make for crispy fingers and nobody wants that.


Personalized Christmas gifts

Traditional Plaid Stockings

Stockings are what the Christmas spirit is all about and make a great sewing project for the holidays. Martha Stewart knows best when it comes to stylish DIY arts and crafts, we loved her easy instructions guide to sewing your own plaid stockings. This is a great option if you are sewing for men, in particular, plaid designs can still be masculine and fit into the holiday spirit, enjoy.

Embroider Their Initials

Make your gifts more memorable by sewing your loved one’s initials into the item you are gifting to them. If you are buying a warm set of pajamas or a new bathrobe these would make for the perfect addition and give the gift some personal charm. I’ve also seen DIY enthusiasts sew initials into a new pair of slippers or onto their personal Christmas stocking.

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